General Surgery

Nonsurgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

Surgical Hemorrhoids (Piles) Treatment is now available!

The most important advantage for our patients is that they can learn the reason for their discomfort and return to their home comfortably after an intervention all on the same day.

You can get rid of the pilonidal sinus disease by the nonsurgical pilonidal sinus treatment method. The most important advantage of patients with the nonsurgical pilonidal sinus treatment is that they can learn their disease, get treated and return to their home on the same day. Another advantage is the fact that the treatment is performed without narcosis and lasts only 10 to 15 minutes.


An anal fissure is a disease that leads to severe pain and sometimes to bleeding during or after defecation due to a wound that occurs as a crack on the exit of the anus. Although it is seemingly small, the discomfort it causes is very clear and severe. In the fissure treatment, there is no surgery stress or narcosis risk and patients can return to their job on the same day.



There are hair and sweat glands in the region that opens to where the rectum connects with the skin. The canal that forms between the intestine and the skin in connection with the inflammation of these glands is called a fistula. A fistula often shows itself by severe anal pain and swelling. Additionally, complaints like itching on the edge of the anus and a flux accompany. In the treatment for fistula, canal located between the anus and the skin is melted with the help of laser.


Although anorectal abscesses are also caused by many other reasons, they are most frequently caused by infections in the anal canal and are probably one of the most frequently encountered clinical conditions in surgery. In the treatment abscesses are drained in a controlled way and this procedure lasts only 5 to 10 minutes. Then a single or dual antibiotic treatment begins depending on the condition of the patient. After that, checks regarding the status of the abscess ends reason should be proceeded with.


The most important one among the wards that can occur anywhere on one's body are those that occur in the genital track. They are extremely critical. Genital warts happen as a reaction in the skin to human papilloma virus. In the genital wart treatment, wart veins and tissue are destructed by laser beams.